Getting Help

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for LMFIT, please use the mailing list. This provides an on-line conversation that is both archived well and can be searched easily with standard web searches. If you find a bug in the code or documentation, use GitHub Issues to submit a report. If you have an idea for how to solve the problem and are familiar with Python and GitHub, submitting a GitHub Pull Request would be greatly appreciated.

If you are unsure whether to use the mailing list or the Issue tracker, please start a conversation on the mailing list. That is, the problem you’re having may or may not be due to a bug. If it is due to a bug, creating an Issue from the conversation is easy. If it is not a bug, the problem will be discussed and then the Issue will be closed. While one can search through closed Issues on GitHub, these are not so easily searched, and the conversation is not easily useful to others later. Starting the conversation on the mailing list with “How do I do this?” or “Why didn’t this work?” instead of “This should work and doesn’t” is generally preferred, and will better help others with similar questions. Of course, there is not always an obvious way to decide if something is a Question or an Issue, and we will try our best to engage in all discussions.